Individually Crafted Cubes
by Paul Rapson
I rarely use softwoods such as pine. Hardwoods are mainly deciduous, most softwood trees are conifers. Yew is technically a softwood but is physically harder than many species classified as hardwood. Conversely balsa is technically a hardwood but as we all know is physically very soft!
Small Urn with ashes compartment These cubes are perfect presents, especially for weddings and anniversaries and for a special event or achievement. These ornamental cubes make beautiful unique and lasting gifts. Wooden cubes are very tactile they are just crying out to be held and inspected. People are drawn towards wood, it is natural, something you see and understand, no clever hidden technology.
Click image to enlarge photo or Click button for details and more photos before buying on-line Prices start from just £25 for these original hardwood urns.
Cube 050
Cube 057
Keepsake Wooden Urns

with hidden ashes holder

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Cube 055
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Cube 056
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