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Paperweights / Ornamental Cubes
Hardwoods are mainly deciduous, most softwood trees are conifers. Yew is technically a softwood but is physically harder than many species classified as hardwood. Conversely balsa is technically a hardwood but as we all know is physically very soft!
Hardwoods Facts
Paperweight (074) This perfectly created hollow wooden cube is filled with kiln dried sand and sealed before it is decorated with a hardwood veneer. This paperweight is different and very tangible. It makes a unique long lasting gift, especially for weddings and anniversaries and for a special event or achievement. The cube is very tactile and is just crying out to be held and inspected. People are drawn towards wood, it is natural, something you see and understand, no clever hidden technology.
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Individually Crafted Cubes
by Paul Rapson
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(all measurements are +/- 5%)
Every cube is unique, so when you ‘Buy Now’ you will receive the cube that you see in the photos.
Reconstituted Hardwood 70mm / 2.76 inch 356g / 12.5oz Danish Oil