Individually Crafted Cubes
by Paul Rapson
Paperweight Set (076-079) These perfectly created hollow wooden cube are filled with kiln dried sand and sealed before it is decorated with a hardwood veneers. These paperweights are different and very tangible. They make a unique long lasting gift, especially for weddings and anniversaries and for a special event or achievement. The cubes are very tactile and is just crying out to be held and inspected. People are drawn towards wood, it is natural, something you see and understand, no clever hidden technology.
Veneers Individual Average Size Average Weight Cube Finish
(all measurements are +/- 5%)
Every cube is unique, so when you ‘Buy Now’ you will receive the cubes that you see in the photos.
Birds Eye Maple Ebony Engineered Veneers 42mm / 1.6inch 175g / 6.1oz Danish Oil
So Tactile you won’t want to put them down
Paperweights / Ornamental Cubes
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